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A Cool Video Magazine For Everyone In The Family


What is NatKhat

Natkhat is a FREE Audio, Video, Interactive magazine with contents from various world renowned people, budding writers, News Reporters and Kids.

Why NatKhat
With NatKhat, we have merged the traditional paper magazine reading experience, with the latest technology. Grandparents, Parents and Kids want to be on the computer and also want to read stories, articles, poems and alike from a paper magazine. So why not get both at the same time.
NatKhat is an electronic magazine that the readers read just like a paper magazine, but on the computer. The magazine uses page turning, giving a real feeling of reading. It also includes, videos, games and user interaction.



NatKhat currently comes out every quarter, thus producing four issues in an year.



In a nutshell, NatKhat is for the WHOLE FAMILY.

Kids are NatKhat, but Life is NatKhat too, and it is NatKhat for everyone.
So we thought to bring out a technically advanced magazine that everyone in the Family can relate to.
* Be it the Granpa or Granma who want to look at some info. on Yoga, Meditation, health or Astrology/Numerology/Vaastu, or listen to bhajans,
* or the mom who wants to see a new yummy recipe, or the latest news on Bollywood/Hollywood, Fashion and alike,
* or the Parents who want to instill the cultural values in their kids,
* or looking for the info. on Business, Immigration, Patents,
* kids who want to read a new story, play a game,
* or just browsing through a new, cool, technically advanced, online magazine to have some fun

We hope that In NatKhat, everyone in the family will find something to relate to, and to look forward for the next Issue.



The articles in NatKhat are written by some of the world renowned people, budding writers and kids. Each article is the copyright property of its writer. No material can be copied by anyone before getting a proper permission from the owner.



Views expressed in the articles are that of the individual authors. We bear no responsibility on their views.